National Huguenot Society Blue and Gold Scarf

Image of Blue and Gold Scarf from Symmetry This beautiful blue and gold scarf measures 36" x 36" square. It has a gold border on all four sides, and prominently features the Cross of Languedoc at each corner and in the middle of the scarf surrounded by gold leaves. swirling scrolls, and art work..

Pictures of the scarf showing enhanced details are available by downloading the two PDF files in the column to the left. A scaled picture with a complete view of the scarf and its sizing can be viewed by downloading the top PDF file in the column to the left . A close-up section of the scarf can be viewed by downloading the bottom PDF file.

Designed exclusively for The National Huguenot Society, the fully delivered cost of each scarf ordered is $65 including postage and handling.

Orders for this item may be submitted using the e-mail contact form and checking the button indicating you wish to order items available from the Society store. Please be sure to provide your full name, address, phone number, and email address where requested. Print the form from your browser without clicking on the "Submit" button, and mail it, together with a check made payable to The National Huguenot Society, to the office address provided on the bottom of the page.