National Huguenot Society Charm

Image of NHS Charm from Pamela Wright LLC Pamela Wright Collections LLC of Houston, Texas, is offering for purchase a colorful charm depicting the new logo of The National Huguenot Society . A picture of the charm is provided just to the left.

This charm, designed exclusively for The National Huguenot Society, is finished in red, white, and blue which are not only reminiscent of the patriotic colors of the United States, but also of the colors of France to celebrate your French Huguenot heritage. The charm is bordered in gold and features a gold Huguenot cross and descending dove. The eyelet above the Huguenot cross allows the charm to be easily attached to a bracelet or used as a necklace pendent with your favorite silver or gold chain.

The charm measures approximately 1" in height and .7" in width. A full description and sizing of the charm is available by downloading the top PDF file in the column to the left .

The fully delivered cost of each charm ordered is $30 including postage and handling, paid to The National Huguenot Society with submission of the order form.

Full instructions for ordering one or more charms can be found in the order form in the column to the left. .

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