'Evening Hymn' Notecards

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Evening Hymn of the Huguenot Refugees

These attractive notecards are available only through The National Huguenot Society. Each card measures 6-5/8 inches by 5 inches when folded as shown above, and opens to a blank page which provides plenty of room to write your note or message. The cards are printed on heavy cream-colored stock, and come packaged with envelopes in sets of 12.

The price is $8.00 per set, postage paid.

The enscription on the back of the card reads as follows:

                       Evening Hymn of the Huguenot Refugees

The original picture from which the Evening Hymn is engraved was painted by Edwin White,
N.A.  The subject was suggested by an incident in the ancestral annals of the AYMARS.
Said the chronicler:  "Upon the revocation of the Edict of Nantes 1685, the family fled from
Dauphiny, France to Germany thence to England, finally settling in New York 1731.  They
crossed the German Ocean in an open boat; during the passage a child sickened and died;
Other hardships ensued, yet amid all their trials, daily their voices were lifted in morning 
and evening hymns of praise, with prayers of thanksgiving to God for escape from many
dangers and deliverance from a land of oppression."

Published by The National Huguenot Society, 1997

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