Huguenot Historic Sites and Burials

compiled by Mrs. John A. Dunaway

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About the Book

The publication of Huguenot Historic Sites and Burials has been a dream of the 1999-2001 President General and officers of The National Huguenot Society. That dream has now become a reality.

Members of the Society have provided information on their original Huguenot immigrant ancestor who came to America, including known birth and death dates, burial location, and location of the cemetery. Many individuals have provided pictures of headstones and burial sites as they appear today.

The location of known Huguenot historic sites in the United States are listed and described in Section Two of the book.

This beautifully bound 50-page hardcover publication measures 6 1/4" x 9 3/8" in size, and contains an index organized by state of the cemeteries and historic sites it references. Published exclusively by The National Huguenot Society, this book is a must for any student of Huguenot history.

Price is $12.50 postage paid for each book ordered.

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Newspaper Review

Well-known genealogist Kenneth H. Thomas Jr. reviewed this publication in his column titled "Genealogy" published in the Sunday, June 24th, 2001, edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It reads in part:

"This slim volume lists, in part one, grave locations (and some descendants) both known and unknown of ancestors of their members, including Jean Pierre Bondurant; Dr. Pierre Captain; Philip Delano (ancestor of FDR); Gideon Macon; Andre Rembert (my own ancestor); Valentine Sevier (ancestor of Gov. Sevier of Tennessee); and John Vivion (ancestor of the Howards of Columbus, Ga.), among others.

The second part illustrates historic sites associated with the Huguenots including many South Carolina places such as Goose Creek and Purrysburg, and Manakintowne in Virginia.

It's a good synopsis of important Huguenot information."

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